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there are more silver cars than any other color car

There is a guy outside the window. She cannot threaten to call the manager, or the police.  Her threats are not credible. The police would take an hour to get there, and the manager would never make it out of … Continue reading

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Executioner and his past

Dear Diary, Brenden says I just need to write instead of thinking about writing so here I go. He can tell slight tremors in my voice that nobody else can, gulp. I wonder how much I’ve been hiding. He refers … Continue reading

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race you to the docks

it’s moving it’s crawling it’s running it’s an obscene violation it’s just a police signal going whoo whoo whoo and there they are plugging their ears like they have nothing more to do than stand there trying to protect something … Continue reading

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To suffer without meaning.. without the “light in the tunnel” Go team! Whoo! Whoo!

With no access to a recording studio or to an audience of music listeners, I feel claustrophobic. I can’t let go of the encounters- the discerning, the frugal joy, the caresses, the sharing, the distress, the abandonment, and finally, the … Continue reading

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I sleepwalk through my motions, drifting but unable to fit in or lead a normal life. I keep to myself. The detachment grows like a tumor until every cell of my body is fending it off. Insecurity reigns. There is … Continue reading

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