my generation

I might do a redo with it being more choppy, diced, for when I read it out loud I have ideas about cutting stuff out- just the filler words. making it less accessible in some ways faster flow in others. Some of the best lines or ideas arent supported by the piece overall.. but it’s a bit weak of me to start with a list of this pieces potential problems, so, read on reader.

sometimes i think my generation is like a bunch of lost children on a ship in the middle of the sea with nobody steering. so i tell the adults “there is no adult to steer” but they dont believe me. they say there’s no way any “adult” would leave a bunch of kids to fend for themselves and that there is NO WAY an adult can act like a kid (only worse as adults have responsibilities and enormous pressure on their shoulders so when the blow stuff off the repercussions can be catastrophic….) Adults don’t believe me that people from THEIR generation could act crazy. They don’t think it’s possible. They hide their sins very well. But my generation does not. We display our taboos in every way we can and get in trouble for it. We don’t know what to do with all the rights not to mention the wrongs. Then there is empathy getting in the way. Is it rescuing us or making us toss more people overboard. The wind won’t let up and the kids are in pain because they’ve never steered a boat before. They want something to take for the seasickness. They don’t know how to scrub the boat or change the wind panel. Some find the trip boring so they junp over or drill holes in the wood. Others take out their iphones- look at the ratio on that wave dude! Every day the crew faces the ocean taking us for breakfast. We don’t need redemption, of course, because we’re going somewhere, if somebody could remember. Some put on great fronts, shaking our fist and acting as though we are a leader and know what’s going on out there. What would we do without the fronts. The cold front especially. We do have a lot of information, it’s true. But it’s not firsthand, it’s thirdhand or fourth hand and when we tell the adults what we know they do not believe us. We must be lying as we don’t know how to cover our exposure. No, we won’t die from not knowing how to steer but from the exposure. We didn’t consider that. Not really. We didn’t want the adults to be mad at us. But whatever, there’s no adults left.


Shipwreck by *oO-Rein-Oo

Photography / Conceptual (

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