Kidnap story

On or off, what’s the difference? Extended time delays turn into a postcard. That’s all anyone cares about, the postcard. What looks like confidence is way more important than the actual thing. All those hundreds of people in line were waiting to get married.. but people were robbing them of their vows. Where was I?

I found a book in here to read. I reread it over and over.It says that it’s a new Family Original Series. Something that is connected to the outside world!  Finally Mr. Tibbit left me something.. That’s the name I give him. If I’ve been silent for a while, well.. tell it to the pigeons. I lost my sense of words, of knowing what to say and why. Then he gave me something to do with GHA (yes, the supposed date rape drug) some cousin or something of the actual thing. I guess he switched things up, you know? Something clicked, like a metronome starting.
Anyway, I never did like newspapers. I wonder what is happening out there. Maybe a war has happened, a bomb, and that’s the real reason he put me in here, to save me. I know it’s unlikely, but anything could happen. Especially when it’s just you and your mind. Monks live in this space, right? Except they get to breathe the open mountain air which just slaps you in the face with its liveliness. Personally, I care more about animals then people.. We have too many people on the planet. Maybe that’s why I was put here.

I’ve started losing the past. My mind no longer goes to what I had before this. I saw some early scrawls of mine hidden in a secret place and it was like reading what somebody else wrote.. except I felt things. Like, pain and loss and all that boring stuff. (I’m just kidding about the secret stash Mr Tibbit! I don’t have any secrets places! you get to them all anyway, you just pretend that I still have secrets to keep me calm.)

I’ve developed my own way to tell you things now.. I’m going to get them out to you even if it takes all the time I have. I hope there’s a point.

I’m back. Who knows how long this time will last? Better have some fun this time around.

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