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My Injured Prince

Through the screeching sound of judgement, you talk as though we are prey standing in performance theater, raising my heartbeat you wish to make it yield to your power You must break something if your spell is not cast If … Continue reading

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becoming a feminine ideal requires just the right amount of insecurity, don’t skimp

 .. 2012 ReWrite and what do you think is underneath? Under the surface that could be removed, would YOU find satisfaction in completely fresh skin, a starry smile, and a chest that inspires a volley of prayers, makes the world … Continue reading

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my generation

I might do a redo with it being more choppy, diced, for when I read it out loud I have ideas about cutting stuff out- just the filler words. making it less accessible in some ways faster flow in others. … Continue reading

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Beige Paint

Sometimes Lex wishes she had just killed herself back then, when she was screaming inside and her boyfriend watched her cry with a weary eye and aloof measure. Every decision meant so much in those days. Now she doesn’t care … Continue reading

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Land without a soul

It has been a long day and things are being asked of me. Things I cannot do. To be more correct, things I’m not certain I can do. I felt angry for a little while because last night a friend … Continue reading

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