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My Injured Prince

Through the screeching sound of judgement, you talk as though we are prey standing in performance theater, raising my heartbeat you wish to make it yield to your power You must break something if your spell is not cast If … Continue reading

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avoidance2, usually a place you go

2010 ReWrite Version 2  Fear is what comes at us during the strangest times. u should know this, soulless coward. u sold your integrity & now, not even the dark wired fences outside, nor the threatening trespassing signs- which only further encourage curious … Continue reading

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becoming a feminine ideal requires just the right amount of insecurity, don’t skimp

 .. 2012 ReWrite and what do you think is underneath? Under the surface that could be removed, would YOU find satisfaction in completely fresh skin, a starry smile, and a chest that inspires a volley of prayers, makes the world … Continue reading

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Love Addict

Kristen Dushong; 27 years old, two boys to take care of. She is the girl next door who sneaks a smoke outside your garage. She is simple and beautiful with a (small) hint of exotic. Long natural hair, never colored.  … Continue reading

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Emotional Terrorists

WORK IN PROGRESS!! She speaks a language of blame. With her, blame will explain why she “never saw another butterfly.” Blame can fix her torn blouse, assuage her guilt, and make the wound that life has become tolerable. Her emotional … Continue reading

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there are more silver cars than any other color car

There is a guy outside the window. She cannot threaten to call the manager, or the police.  Her threats are not credible. The police would take an hour to get there, and the manager would never make it out of … Continue reading

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There is so much information and stuff, spikes in learning, and I just want to dump it all on their lap but they don’t understand, they can’t understand, for surveillance makes out their limitations clearly. Their inexperience is systemic. Their … Continue reading

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