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tentative lyrics to A Lost Daughters Fantasy

I lost my balance and fell down I fell down. You reached for me, I hated the embarrassment.My cheeks were rimburned and the sound was ridiculous and You scrambled. You scrambled to fix it.The engine gunned and you were just … Continue reading

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Trouble every day

I recreate what goes on so many times in my head; I step backwards, replaying what I did to see if it was right or not. This is my surprise. a turnabout of events, a moment the scryers didn’t predict. Ultimatums … Continue reading

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The door to Caf…

***********WARNING*******ROUGH DRAFT– COMPLETELY UNFINISHED AND UNEDITED! The door to Cafe Roma is open… People come in and out and the vision surrounds me like a wishing fountain. Fiona The room was dusty and large, tactless paintings scattered unevenly on the … Continue reading

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Your clinginess…

Your clinginess follows me like an afterthought. Really bad cologne. A bad song that won’t leave my head. Didn’t used to bother me as much before, but you just had to wave a flag and bring it all out into … Continue reading

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Love Addict

Kristen Dushong; 27 years old, two boys to take care of. She is the girl next door who sneaks a smoke outside your garage. She is simple and beautiful with a (small) hint of exotic. Long natural hair, never colored.  … Continue reading

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kidnapping letter 3 or 4 etc..

I’m still here is what I can’t believe. Poisoned by your lies? You are keeping me from experiencing life. The whole time I’m sitting here life is going by, and I get whiffs from the times you leave and come … Continue reading

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She is their crime of passion. Soundless screams escaping from her wilting luck. Can’t imagine what doesn’t reach her. Then again, she has more than enough imagination so she probably raises her head and pictures the closed doors that won’t open. Spins, … Continue reading

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