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Love Addict

Kristen Dushong; 27 years old, two boys to take care of. She is the girl next door who sneaks a smoke outside your garage. She is simple and beautiful with a (small) hint of exotic. Long natural hair, never colored.  … Continue reading

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uncertain transition chambers

No broken bones or bruises, but how would I know? Maybe a stream of blue powder was released into my face, like in that one episode of Fringe, with the doll, the nametag, the suspicious packaging, and the hee-hee-hee that … Continue reading

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there are more silver cars than any other color car

There is a guy outside the window. She cannot threaten to call the manager, or the police.  Her threats are not credible. The police would take an hour to get there, and the manager would never make it out of … Continue reading

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