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No Signs

One Night Boy is a fun-loving guy who spends a great deal of his time helping people. Take James, one of the many ex-jocks to enter his doors. Got a full ride to college on a football scholarship but like … Continue reading

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Your clinginess…

Your clinginess follows me like an afterthought. Really bad cologne. A bad song that won’t leave my head. Didn’t used to bother me as much before, but you just had to wave a flag and bring it all out into … Continue reading

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Love Addict

Kristen Dushong; 27 years old, two boys to take care of. She is the girl next door who sneaks a smoke outside your garage. She is simple and beautiful with a (small) hint of exotic. Long natural hair, never colored.  … Continue reading

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Emotional Terrorists

WORK IN PROGRESS!! She speaks a language of blame. With her, blame will explain why she “never saw another butterfly.” Blame can fix her torn blouse, assuage her guilt, and make the wound that life has become tolerable. Her emotional … Continue reading

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To suffer without meaning.. without the “light in the tunnel” Go team! Whoo! Whoo!

With no access to a recording studio or to an audience of music listeners, I feel claustrophobic. I can’t let go of the encounters- the discerning, the frugal joy, the caresses, the sharing, the distress, the abandonment, and finally, the … Continue reading

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